Inbound Messages

An inbound message is a message that is sent from the carrier to LogTrade.

LogTrade will respond with HTTP 200 as response to all received messages. Before communicating with LogTrade you will need a Bearer Token and an ApplicationId that you get from LogTrade. 

Status event

StatusEvent is sent to LogTrade for each tracking entry that should be created. A StatusEvent normally reflects a physical movement of the goods but can also be of more informational type for example about expected delivery time. It is important to use the tag DeliveryStatus correctly since this is used to update the consignment as received when delivery is completed. 

The StatusEvent is explained in details at

It is recommended to either strictly use UNECE codes for tracking or use your own codes and description texts. By using non-UNECE codes the carrier has more control about the text that is showed to the customer.

UNECE codes can be found on

The StatusEvent end-point address for JSON messages is: