The entity type TradeUnit defines a unique instance of a physical product that can be shipped, bought and sold. It can be a 5kg bag of potatoes, one gearbox, or one box with a pair of jogging shoes. The TradeUnit is for a specific product (a particular gearbox), not the generic type of product (any gearbox of the same model).

Information included in a TradeUnit entity include:

  • Item identity (e.g. SKU, ERP system article identity)
  • Description
  • Bar code identity (pre-existing barcode identity, e.g. GS1 identity)
  • Serial number / Production batch number
  • Quantity and quantity unit
  • Weight
  • Value/Currency/VAT/Customs data
  • Etc.

TradeUnit entities can also include a list of user-defined properties (name/value pairs) that extend their versatility with additional company- or project- specific data.

API Reference information is here. Also study the TradeUnit data schema.