Account owner identification

An organization having an IOL account has a world-wide unique IOL organization id of the format <IOLcloudURL>/<account>, derived from the cloud URL and their account identifier on that cloud.

Sometimes, other parties may want to know more about another IOL account owner, and they can do so by reading that organization’s “public LegalParty entity” to find out more details like address etc.

The existence of a “public Legalparty” entity is mandatory in each IOL account. It has a special format:


So, by knowing the IOL organization ID (<IOLcloudURL>/<acoount>) it is easy to assemble the URI to the public LP object of any IOL account by appending “/legalparty/public” to it. 

The public LegalParty entities have special behaviors associated with them

  • It is mandatory to have one public LegalParty entity in all IOL accounts
  • It should contain information about the IOL organization owning the IOL account
  • It should be auto-created by the IOL cloud upon account creation
  • It can only be edited with system administrator permissions
  • It can never be deleted by anyone as long as the IOL account exist

Public LegalParty entities are not truly public, but intended for external organizations to read. They require read entitlements to LegalParty objects to be read. The IOL specification may be changed in the future to make them semi-public or truly public.