Logtrade IoL Core Programmer’s Guide

This is the developer documentation for Logtrade IoL Core, an implementation of the Internet-of-Logistics (IoL) specification. Logtrade IoL is a cloud-based data storage and data sharing platform that enables new innovative logistics solutions, developed by you and others. 

More specifically, Logtrade’s IoL platform provides fine-grained access control, storage, and sharing of digital logistics data entities, enabling different actors in the logistics industry to share and re-use data in a controlled and efficient manner. 

Logtrade IoL is an enablement platform that empowers you to build powerful logistic software solutions that will transform the future. It supports a wide range of use-cases that goes well beyond what traditional logistics software offers, especially in terms of data exchange and interoperability.

The concept is deeply rooted in the model of data producers and data consumers. Data producers create data objects of different types and decide who may access them. Authorized data consumers can read and optionally update such data objects. By using webhooks, your software can be notified automatically in real-time whenever any changes to a data object has occurred.

The developer documentation on this website targets developers who want to use IoL to store and share logistics data, for use by your business applications, and those of your business partners.