Users and permissions

The User administration panel is being used to create users, and set their permissions. The User panel lists the users you have already created, and let you create or edit them:

Click on “ADD NEW” to create a new user, or the “pen” icon to edit an existing user. You can also delete a user by clicking on the vertical “…” button and selecting “Delete”.

Create or edit users

When you create or edit users, the settings for this particular user is configured in a popup dialog.

You can edit information about this user, such as email address, phone etc. along with what language they want to use in the admin panel. You can also give them the access permissions you want them to have:

Change password

System administrators can set the password of users, by clicking on the vertical “…” icon and selecting “Change password” from the dropdown menu:

Set the new password, or have the system create one for you by clicking “SUGGEST A NEW PASSWORD”: