API tokens

The Tokens administration panel is being used to create API tokens, that you can share with trusted partners such that they can adapt their systems to access some of your IoL data.

The Tokens panel lists the API tokens you have already created, and let you create or edit them:

Click on “ADD NEW” to create a new API token, or the “pen” icon to edit an existing API token. You can also delete a token by clicking on the vertical “…” button and selecting “Delete”.

View the API token

You can show an API token by selecting the vertical “…” button and selecting “Show token”:

Click on the “eye” icon to remove the security measures and view the actual code, or the “copy” button to copy the code to the clipboard.

By sharing the API token with external trusted parties, their software systems can access your data through the API entity API’s, and getting suitable access permissions to your data through the API token and its permission settings.

Create or edit API tokens

When you create or edit API tokens, the settings for this particular API token is configured in a popup dialog.

The first group of settings is “User related data”, where you can give this API key an internal time that makes sense for you, such as partner name and token permissions (e.g. “Partner X – read TransportInstructions”).

In the “Filter” group, you can limit what entities can be accessed to only those that matches certain filtering criteria, for example only TransportInstructions where the Carrier name = DHL.

Click “ADD NEW” in the “Filter” group to set this up:

The new filter condition is listed in the “Filter” group, and more can be added to limit the access rights even further. If you add several conditions to the list, they all operate using a logical AND, i.e. all conditions in the list must be fulfilled for a data entity to be accessible by this API token user.

In addition to limiting what entities can be accessed (based on their data property values) – you can also hide certain entity data fields from sharing with the external partner using your API token. In effect, you can hide certain properties from this API token user.

Click “ADD NEW” in the “Exclude” group to select a property field to be hidden from this API token user:

All property fields that are listed in the “Exclude” group are hidden when this API token user accesses your data.

Finally, you can also select what read/write operations this API token user should be allowed to do. You do that by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in the “Entitlements” group:

The newly created or edited API token is now listed along with other API tokens you may have created before.